50 Essential Chess Lessons by Steve Giddins

By Steve Giddins

Steve Giddins has selected 50 supremely instructive video games - a few previous, a few new, and together with many who few readers may have visible ahead of. He has annotated those video games intimately from a latest standpoint, explaining the valuable classes that may be learnt from them, whereas warding off the dangerous dogma that characterised many older works of this kind. issues comprise: Attacking the King, Defence, Piece energy, and Endgame topics. each one video game is via a recap of the most classes to be learned.

Giddins writes in a hugely available down-to-earth variety that appeals to membership avid gamers trying to enhance their knowing of sensible chess. His wisdom of Russian-language chess literature has enabled him to discover many fantastic examples that experience no longer seemed in earlier western literature.

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The bishop can only attack or defend squares of one colour. • An early exchange of queens does not necessarily presage a draw. ). • In endgames, it often pays to think in terms of schemes. Andersson's plan of putting his knight on d3, pawn on f4 and rooks on c1 and c2 is a typical example. Uploaded to Ctorrents - Leaked out elsewhere 42 50 ESSENTIAL CHESS LESSONS Game 13 Miles - Smyslov Dortmund 1986 Queen's Gambit, Slav Defence This game illustrates a relatively rare, but nonetheless important positional idea- locking enemy pieces out of the game.

Hxg3, opening the h-file. White feels obliged to prevent this, but in so doing, he weakens his g3pawn, which Black is able to exploit tactically. hbS Thanks to the positions of the two h-pawns, this move now carries a concrete tactical threat of 2l ... xg3! winning a pawn, because after 22 fxg3 ltlb3+ 23 ~c2 ltlxd2 24 ~xd2, Black has 24 .. l:txb2+, winning the g2-bishop by a skewer. 21 iLfl (D) Hutchings therefore moves the bishop off the exposed g2-square, but this in tum allows the black rook to swing to the now undefended f3-square.

L:b7 25 lh6 If Black hoped that the simplification would help him, he was sorely mistaken. White's 31 queen' s rook is now extremely active on a6, attacking the weakness on d6, and the bishops will soon augment the pressure from a3 and h3 respectively. Black is strategically lost. a3ltJe8 (D) w A striking illustration of the complete triumph of White's bishop-pair strategy. All of the black pieces have been driven into complete passivity, while the two white bishops slice through the black position from either side of the board.

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