A Promising Man (and About Time, Too) by Elizabeth Young

By Elizabeth Young

From the fire-hot writer of inquiring for hassle comes a moment irresistibly humorous and romantic novel, during which we meet the delightfully depraved Harriet and John, who're matched as completely as scones and clotted cream -- if basically Harriet may allow herself indulge. as much as her eyeballs in her buddies' dramas, Harriet gray has no time for her personal, not to mention getting entangled with John Mackenzie. And notwithstanding it has been a while when you consider that she's met probably the most beautiful males London has to supply, it sort of feels John's entangled with another person. Or is he? although they are saying all's reasonable in love, Harriet isn't really approximately to complicate her lifestyles -- or possibility her center. however the power John turns out to pop up all over the place she turns, and shortly she's agreeing to satisfy him for a cocktail to pay off a want. in the end, what damage can pop out of 1 blameless little drink? might be a couple of breathtaking kisses, a few suspiciously lingering embraces, and an excellent weak-kneed dizziness that almost all certainly isn't the flu. and that is earlier than she unearths herself on their own with John at Christmas. .

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I was warming to this theme nicely. "They're his kids just as much as yours. She'd screech, ' Kids ? ' " "She'd have them, I bet," Helen said wanly. " Her mobile rang just as she was finishing her coffee, and for once a furrow of irritation creased her brow. ) "I don't know! Look in the fridge! " She hung up so abruptly, I was startled. "I'm sick of it! Phoning me from next door because he's still hungry! " Jacko grinned. " On Friday night I left work bang on time for once and charged home for a panic shower and change.

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