A Universal Weapon 1.D4 D6 by Vladimir Barsky

By Vladimir Barsky

This e-book comprises 11 chapters dedicated to assorted diversifications of the all-purpose defence for Black 1.d4 d6. each one bankruptcy includes a "Quick Repertoire" part, by way of an intensive theoretical and functional learn within the part "Step by way of Step" and at last a "Complete video games" section.To have the capacity to comprise the program on your beginning repertoire, it's going to be enough that you can learn the creation and play in the course of the entire video games, which are not take an excessive amount of of it slow. then you definitely can begin taking part in this starting in perform video games at your membership, or at the internet.After you could have used this "Universal method" in 10-15 video games, you'll want to examine your stories with the author's innovations within the "Step through Step"chapters and begin to fine-tune your knowledge.International grasp Vladimir Barsky is a chess journalist and trainer. He has been supporting GM Morozevich and GM Khairullin. Barsky is the writer of numerous books approximately chess and chess gamers, together with The Scotch video game for White and the trendy Philidor.

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X h7+ 'ifx h7 Or 21 . . �h8 22 'ii' g 6, and 22 . . c2 etc. 22 'ii' x h7+ �x h7 23 bxc S exf4! The on l y move to avoi d the loss of a ec� nd paw n : 23 . . l:lxf 1 + s •xf1 dxe5 26 :tf7 . � 24 cxb6 ax b6 Bl ack h a d s . ome lnterestm g poss ibil ities 24 � f3 or 2 4 . fxe3, but Bot vin n i k did n ot · wa t to all ow th e cre ati· o n of a stron g Pa ssed Paw n at a? l:. txc1 ; · Botvi n n i k does not fi nd the strongest continuation . Later, in our joint analysis after the game, he nonplussed me as follows: 31 .

Td5 . . If 3 1 . . 1xf8 . 32 tLl fS lidS Here it would have been logical to pl ay 32 . f6, in order after 33 tLle3 to bring h is isolated rook into play - 33 . . l:Id7. te7? After this move it is now hard for Black to save the game. Correct was 33 . . , to answer 34 tLlxd5 with 34 . . tf2 , then 34 . . 'ifc6 35 tLlxd5 exd5 36 'ifg4+ 'Wd7! 34 lLlxdS lbdS? Black exchanges his active rook, afte r which he can no longer oppose the onslaught of the wh ite pieces. 34 . . exd5 was a tougher defence.

A7-a5 and to cle a r the b-file for one of the rooks . tc8 21 h4 'ii b 7 22 hS h6 ... 1 9 b4 A com mitti ng decision , but resol uteness is not someth ing in wh ich I am lacki ng. N ow i n the future Wh ite will have to reckon not only with . . b6-b5 , but also with the underm i n i ng move . . a7-a5. But fi rstly, as I have already said , without pawn advances the hedgehog can not be breached . And specifically: I did not want to allow Black to post his bishop at g7. That is, 1 9 b4 has the a i m of preventi ng 1 9 .

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