Alekhine Alert! A Repertoire for Black Against 1 e4 by Timothy Taylor

By Timothy Taylor

Former US Open Champion Timothy Taylor takes a latest examine certainly one of Black’s so much bold counters to one e4, the Alekhine Defence. this can be a sharp, artistic commencing during which Black assaults from the very starting, luring White’s important pawns ahead within the expectation of destroying them later on. In this e-book Taylor constructs a realistic repertoire for Black, perfect for the modern day participant. all of the key tactical and positional principles are lined and critical move-order nuances are highlighted. This publication offers every thing you must be aware of that allows you to play the Alekhine with self belief.

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O-O-O, and now it’s Black’s turn. Black can’t castle queenside because of the queen on d8 and the bishop on c8, but he can castle kingside. Diagram 13: Black has played 8…O-O. Win, Lose, or Draw: How Does That Happen? When you play a game of chess, it can end in one of three ways: You can win, you can lose, or you can draw. Let’s first learn how a game is won or lost, and then we’ll learn how a game can be a draw. Checkmate—the Aim of the Game! ChessTalk A draw is a tie: that is, nobody wins. When a game ends in a draw, it means that both players fought to a standstill.

Perpetual Check Remember that whenever your king is in check, you MUST remove it from check on the very next move. And remember also that the king is in checkmate when it is in check and there is no way to remove the check on the very next move. But suppose your king is in check, and you remove it from check, and then it’s in check again, and then you remove it from check, and then it’s in check again, and so on. ChessTalk When your opponent can keep checking your king forever, you are in perpetual check.

It is easy to remember if you keep in mind that chess was played when chivalry was still very much alive, so as a sign of respect to the queen it always starts the game on the same color square as she is. Each side gets only one queen. The queen is represented in this book by Diagram 20. At the start of the game, White puts the queen on d1, and Black puts the queen on d8, as illustrated by Diagram 21. Diagram 20: What a queen looks like for reference in this book. Here’s how the queen moves: ➤ The queen moves along the diagonals AND the ranks AND the files.

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